Kacey Welch Method

hair extension by Kacey Welch

I get so excited to talk about Kacey and her amazing hair extension method because she is truly one of the best, most caring people that I’ve ever met in real life (more on that in a sec). There are so many hair extension methods in the nation and once you truly start digging into what you want it can be a little overwhelming – let me make it super easy – get the Kacey Welch Method here at Session Salon!

In November 2019, I was listening to Justin Anderson’s podcast (he’s a celebrity hairstylist, BFF’s with Kristen Cavallari, and is truly amazing at his craft) and he had Kacey on as a guest! They were childhood best friends, and she was actually his first assistant as a stylist. I ended up loving what I heard and felt this wave of peace come over me that Kacey was such a down to earth, genuine goal digging boss that I wanted to know in real life; she went through all the struggles and put in the work to get where she is today, and I totally respect that. I was attracted to her method because her hair was top-notch, but I also loved that nobody was certified in Kansas or Missouri, and I could fill a huge need with my clients or clients in the area. Fast forward a few months, I had left my previous salon, was in the process of opening Session and took a leap of faith and flew to Arizona to see to the Queen herself teach me how to do these extensions and let me tell you Kacey and I hit it off. We both have a major love for hair but also football and the Black Jack table. Just 2 months after getting certified and dead in the middle in the process of opening Session, the COVID-19 pandemic hits.Instantly Kacey was hosting zoom calls and one-on-one coaching calls for free just to make sure her artists were taken care of and. to have that feeling of truly being cared for is unlike anything else. I knew I had to get her to Kansas City.

Once I saw her method – it didn’t take long for me to realize that her hair truly is the best. The retention of each strand is so incredibly impressive, and it features a silk weft, each machine sewn on to a piece of silk (each one of these strands are basicallyliving their best life on a silk pillowcase) and that’s why the retention is so high. Her hair is 100% real and ethically sourced, it’s strong and beautiful and it can be customized to literally anyone; it’s hands down the best hair on the market. 

Once you purchase the hair, it will last so much longer than any other hair/method out there and when you truly look at what other brands are charging vs. Kacey, you should know that hers will last much longer and is a much better investment. So how does that actual process work? Glad you asked!

We’ll start with a consultation and find out what length or volume (or both) you’re wanting to obtain – we’ll see how many rows or wefts we’ll need and talk about your dream hair! Normally, we try not to do more than 4 wefts on 2 rows but as with anything, there’s always an exception with every head we see. We’ll talk about pricingfor different lengths and how soon you are able to get in for move-ups (we try to move the rows up every 7-10 weeks.) Once you get past that 10-week mark you run the risk of damaging your natural hair which we obviously want to avoid at all costs. 

Let’s talk daily upkeep! This is another reason I love Kacey’s method is that it’s so easy to maintain – we have an amazing regimen of products that we will recommend but don’t panic about this part, you won’t wash your hair near as often as normal since the hair will be absorbing your natural oils! Score! We also have a great root spray (Volumetry) that has a salicylic acid that will again help absorb oils and prolong that shampoo. Dry shampoo will be your friend for your roots and a great oil will make your ends stay perfectly healthy! 

Lastly, brush, brush, brush! Most people get so scared to brush their extensions with fear that they’ll come out, but it’s actually really good to brush them multiple times per day. 

Get the extensions. Treat yourself, you’re worth it and this hair is to die for. The Kacey Welch Method is incredibly comfortable, and the installation is relatively quick and customized. 

We are super excited because Kacey just launched a new set of clip-ins which are luxury silk clip-ins with the exact same hair as her silk wefts! These are great for anyone who doesn’t want extensions each day or maybe someone who frequents the beach or pool and wants to get their hair wet! It’s also a great option for those holiday parties to give yourself a different look. 

Get the extensions. Treat yourself, you’re worth it and this hair is to die for. The Kacey Welch Method is incredibly comfortable, and the installation is relatively quick and customized. We love this method and her hair is the realest, greatest hair we’ve ever worked with and Session has 10+ stylists who are certified.

And as always, give us a shout and let’s talk through it! Until next time!